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Mission Statement
Healing Flow Yoga and Retreat Ministries draws on the multi-faceted tools of yoga to help people feel better and live with more ease physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Healing Flow Yoga offers private yoga instruction, group classes, and retreat experiences in the western suburbs of Chicago. In an era of unprecedented stress and disease, Healing Flow Yoga seeks to serve all who desire to benefit from yoga’s holistic approach to health and wellness regardless of age, ability, or financial means.
Practicing yoga is like enjoying a really good meal. Everything - slows - down. The noise of the outside world quiets. The stress of an insistent schedule subsides. All that matters is tasting this food, being nourished by this meal, and enjoying the family and friends gathered around this table. Likewise, in yoga, students receive the gift of Breath, move mindfully in its ebb and flow, and are nourished by wellsprings of peace within, in addition to the sangha, or community, around them. Practicing yoga, like enjoying a really good meal, elevates us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, too. While savoring a delicious meal or basking in a soul-satisfying yoga practice, chronological time seems to stand still and we enter a different rhythm. In this place of flow, interior spaciousness expands, deep peace encompasses us, and we return once more to balance. Remember the last good meal you ate? Taste and see how delicious your yoga practice can be!

In Love, With Light,
Adrienne Ann
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